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Limoncello of Sorrento

Do you want to prepare the recipe for Limoncello di Sorrento? now we'll take care of it ....

Limoncello is an excellent digestive when served cold. Some prefer it at room temperature, perhaps mixed in tonic water or champagne. Lately, its use on ice cream and fruit salad is in vogue. In Campania Region, in the main land of its production, limoncello closes above all lunch or dinner: it has now become a social ritual almost like coffee.

Ingrediants :

8 Sorrento IGP lemons

1 liter of alcohol at 95 °

1 liter of water

700 grams of sugar


Wash the Sorrento IGP lemons under running water and brush carefully; Peel the Sorrento lemons in order to use only the peel; Put 700 cl of alcohol in a jug; Place the lemon peels in the alcohol and let it rest for a month in a dark and dry place; After the month of rest, take the jug back with the alcohol which, in the meantime, has acquired a straw yellow color; Place a saucepan on the stove with the water and sugar without bringing it to a boil; Let the resulting sugar syrup cool, then pour the alcohol into the jug and add another 300 cl of alcohol; After a further forty days of rest in a dark and dry place, take the pitcher, filter the alcohol to remove the lemon peels and bottle.

Useful tips

Choose only high quality alcohol: the result of the Limoncello di Sorrento is at stake. Choose only PGI Sorrento Lemons. After bottling, place the Sorrento Limoncello in the freezer and serve it chilled at the end of the meal.

Myths and legends of limoncello

Almost simultaneously in Amalfi and Sorrento the first legends and the first stories about the traditional production of this famous yellow liqueur were born. In fact, history tells that the great Sorrentine families never let their guests miss a taste of the then experimental limoncello. In the city of Amalfi there are even those who claim that the origins of limoncello are even older. This legend tells that limoncello was used by fishermen and farmers especially in the morning to fight the cold. Finally, there are those who claim that the first recipe was born inside a monastery to delight the friars between one prayer and another. Beyond all these narratives, limoncello has now become the pride of Campania and Italian culture all over the world.

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